doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, MD



About me

About me

PhD, the most experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Armenia. expert in his  field of laparoscopical  gynecology and minimally invasive & reconstructive gynecologic surgery. 

Date of birth March 5 , 1959

In 1982 I graduated  from Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi 


1983-1987- obstetrician-gynecologist in central regional hospital in Kamo ,Gavar

1987-1990- aspirant in Center of Maternal and Child Health, Moscow

PhD in 1996

1990-2002- head of department of surgical gynecology Institute of Perinathology, Yerevan

2002-2006- head of gynecological clinic, Erebouni MC

2006 since now- head of endoscopic surgery in Institute of perinathology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

I  always participate in the most important annual meetings and conferences in Europe

My education

1991- Kiev, Clinical Course for Surgical Pelviscopy

2009- TVT-obturator, Prolift total ,Moscow,MONIIAG, Popov

2011-Prosima, Prolift, TVT-O,TVT-Secur, Saint Petersburg, Bejenar NIIAG

I am member of European Association for Endoscopic surgery and other interventional techniques-EAES, European Association of endoscopists-gynecologists-ESGE. Now I perform all kinds of gynecological surgical procedures by means of laparoscope, abdominal and vaginal routes,hysteroscopic and urogynecologic procedures.