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Welcome to our Web-site.

I hope here  you will find answers of all questions that interest you. In my daily practice  I see many patients,who do not have enough information about the possibility of existing different treatment methods which can result into serious mistakes, inadequate and delayed therapy.If you have more information about your disease, your examination and treatment will be much more effective.In my articles I will try  to highlight the most important problems that interest my patients, and we will try to remove your problems together.

Below I  will present all main patologies which I  practice every day

Pregnancy and delivery


Recurrent pregnancy loss


Uterine myoma

Ovarian pathology

Genital prolapse

Urine incontinence

Genital malformations

Abnormal uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders

Endometrial pathology

Endocrine pathology(POCS,hyrsutism,AGS)

Chronic pelvic pain

Vulvar, vaginal and cervical pathology

Sexually transmitted infections

Contraception and family planning


Breast pathology

Genital oncologic diseases

Aesthetic vaginal surgery Labiaplasty

I use standard diagnostic and treating methods, current  technologies, according  to European and USA obstetrics and gynecologists associations .

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Appointments: Monday 9:00 till 15:00